Re-using meteoplug client box previously registered

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Re-using meteoplug client box previously registered

Postby gcams » Thu Apr 28, 2016 4:13 pm

I'm currently troubleshooting a problem with one of my remote weather stations, running Meteoplug on a bifferboard. The USB connection between the bifferboard and the Davis USB logger is not working. I've already had someone power off/on the bifferboard with no effect. I've now instructed them to completely power down the Davis console and data logger, to reset it. I'm hoping this will fix the problem.

However, if that fails, I may need to swap out the bifferboard to troubleshoot the problem. I have an Meteoplug-flashed TPLink MR3020 on-site, which I have previously used on another station (and under a separate Meteoplug account).

My question is, if I need to try this, to see if it fixes the problem, I'll obviously need to migrate my "live" account to the MR3020's MAC address. However because the MR3020's MAC address was previously registered under a different account (which is still under a valid licence), will this cause any issues when I try and assign this MAC to my live account??
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