Time stamps for "derived" sensors

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Time stamps for "derived" sensors

Post by Wvdkuil » Mon Jun 08, 2015 8:58 am

Nearly all "weathertags" have a min/max value and a matching time that min/max occured

Example template

Results in
|tempMinTodayTime|2015-06-08 05:53:40|!
|chilMinTodayTime|2015-06-08 06:04:06|!

The following have min/max values but no time to match

Results in:

I understand that some tags are not realy measured by the sensors => console.
They are based on temperature and other conditions and calculated in the console or weather-program.

One of those tags is windchill, it is based on windspeed and temperature. Meteoplug reports the values AND the times the min/max occured.

Heatindex and Humidex also have min/max values but in Meteoplug there are no matching times these min/max occured (also described as such in the WiKi).
QUESTION 1: Should I use the maxtime for the temp part or the max for the humidity? Both options could result in invalid times.
QUESTION 2: Both Meteohub and Meteobridge supply min/max values and corresponding times. Are they stored in the Meteoplug DB and can they be retrieved?


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Re: Time stamps for "derived" sensors

Post by admin » Tue Jun 09, 2015 8:36 pm

min/max times for heatindex and humindex are not stored. you might use temp instead, although this don't have to be always exactly the same, I guess.

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