Missing? (or typo) moon values

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Missing? (or typo) moon values

Postby Wvdkuil » Mon Jun 08, 2015 2:00 pm

Using these in a template:
Code: Select all
|moonrise|         [actual_day1_misc_moonriselocaltime:--]|!
|moonset|          [actual_day1_misc_moonsetlocaltime:--]|!
|lunarPhasePerc|   [actual_day1_misc_lunarphasepercentage:--]|!
|lunarAge|         [actual_day1_misc_lunaragedays:--]|!
|lunarSegment|     [actual_day1_misc_lunarphasesegment:--]|!

Results in
Code: Select all
success: [actual_day1_misc_moonriselocaltime:--] replaced by: 01:11
success: [actual_day1_misc_moonsetlocaltime:--] replaced by: 12:01
success: [actual_day1_misc_lunarphasepercentage:--] replaced by: 0.0
success: [actual_day1_misc_lunaragedays:--] replaced by: 0.0
success: [actual_day1_misc_lunarphasesegment:--] replaced by: 0.0

And Meteohub itself reports (using ip:5558):
actual_moonrise_standard_local 01:11
actual_moonset_standard_local 12:01
actual_lunar_phase_percentage 61.8
actual_lunar_age_days 21
actual_lunar_phase_segment 6

I checked the WiKi but I can not find the typo or the misunderstanding from my side.

Can anyone shed some light what and how to change to get the real values?

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