a little mistake....

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a little mistake....

Post by Miboon » Sat Aug 29, 2015 10:40 am

Hello all,

Yesterday, I was trying to make a chart when I saved one of them. The stuff is that I save the one I tried on the *allinone chart. He is modified forever and I was just making a test.
The fact is the *allinone is the one I the most use and I lost the original script.

Could someone help me and send me the original script of this chart ?

Thanks a lot,

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Re: a little mistake....

Post by ironedge » Fri Sep 04, 2015 9:14 am

I think this is the original definition:

timeframe=3D # set total time frame to 3 days before today until today
zoom=MAX # select actual day
res=min10 # get data per 10 minutes

gheight0=150 gwidth0=700 glunit0=°C gtype0=line
sid0_0=th* ssmooth0_0=1 sname0_0=Temp scolor0_0=880000 sfill0_0=10 ssel0_0=temp
sid0_1=th* ssmooth0_1=1 sname0_1=Temp_Max scolor0_1=FF0000 sline0_1=40 ssel0_1=tempmax
sid0_2=th* ssmooth0_2=1 sname0_2=Temp_Min scolor0_2=8800FF sline0_2=40 ssel0_2=tempmin

gheight1=150 gwidth1=700 glunit1=hPa gtype1=line
sid1_0=thb* ssmooth1_0=1 sname1_0=Press scolor1_0=008800 sfill1_0=10 ssel1_0=seapress
sid1_1=thb* ssmooth1_1=1 sname1_1=Press_Max scolor1_1=00FF00 sline1_1=40 ssel1_1=seapressmax
sid1_2=thb* ssmooth1_2=1 sname1_2=Press_Min scolor1_2=0088FF sline1_2=40 ssel1_2=seapressmin

gheight2=100 gwidth2=700 glunit2=mm gtype2=bar
sid2_0=rain* scolor2_0=AADDFF sfill2_0=70 sline2_0=100 sname2_0=Rain_Fall ssel2_0=total

gheight3=150 gwidth3=700 glunit3=km/h gtype3=line
sid3_0=wind* ssmooth3_0=1 sname3_0=Wind sfactor3_0=3.6 scolor3_0=000088 sfill3_0=10 ssel3_0=wind
sid3_1=wind* ssmooth3_1=1 sname3_1=Gust_Max sfactor3_1=3.6 scolor3_1=0000FF sfill3_1=10 sline3_1=80 ssel3_1=gustmax

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Re: a little mistake....

Post by Miboon » Fri Sep 04, 2015 11:34 pm

Thank you ironedge !
It will be very usefull.


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