CWOP lat/long problem

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CWOP lat/long problem

Post by markhiseman » Sun Jan 02, 2011 2:50 pm

I've enabled upload of my data to CWOP on Meteoplug, but it is not uploading the latitude/longitude co-ordinates. I'm using Meteohub to feed Meteoplug, and Meteoplug has picked up the lat/long co-ordinates OK according to the Settings page (my station is showing in the right place on the Meteoplug online map). I've tried uploading to CWOP direct from Meteohub and it's OK.

Below are examples of the raw data received by CWOP:

From Meteoplug: CW8254>APRS,TCPXX*,qAX,CWOP-1:@143412z-1-1.-2N/-01-1.-2E_338/002g004t038r...p...P000b10270h88eMH46

From Meteohub: CW8254>APRS,TCPXX*,qAX,CWOP-3:@143704z5115.45N/00028.17E_315/001g004t038r...p...P000b10270h87eMH46

Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks for the help.


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Re: CWOP lat/long problem

Post by sxadov » Sat Apr 25, 2015 7:27 am

Is it possible to add weather network I'm member of this network and I would be happy if meteoplug could send data automatically to

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