Future of Historical Wx Data

Discussion about upload/download of data, import/export of foreign formats, etc.
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Future of Historical Wx Data

Post by arrowspace90 » Sun May 21, 2017 3:26 pm

I am new to Meteoplug and Meteobridge, but they both seem to be running well and I am pleased with them.

I specifically came to Meteoplug because it saves my historical data "on the cloud".
Well, so I guess does Weather Underground, and for free. Meteobridge and Meteoplug both sport significant, recurring license fees. Meteobridge Pro looks nice, but wow, costing as much as my Davis Pro II.

I have tried to continue to use clunky, crash prone, freeze prone VWS on my PC because it saves data to my hard drive. My fear is that, sooner or later, Weather Underground could suddenly announce out of the blue that they are shutting down their services for PWS. Lots of people park their historical station data with them and nowhere else.

So I wonder about the future of Meteoplug. When the developers get tired of messing with it, would they offer their clients an opportunity to move their collected data "somewhere"? My data is no more precious than anyone else's, but I have put a lot of effort and time and money (and frustration) into collecting it and I would hate to see it eventually deleted.

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Re: Future of Historical Wx Data

Post by admin » Sun May 28, 2017 7:52 pm

Data can be exported from Meteoplug cloud. Wiki explains how and what the format is.

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