wind* => maindir => real wind direction

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wind* => maindir => real wind direction

Post by Wvdkuil » Mon Jun 22, 2015 9:04 am

There is a diffrence between data we users can download from the meteoplug server
and the data as downloaded by the Meteoplug_dashboard gadget

1. The gadget has access to realtime data
2. The gadget gets the winddirection in degrees, the template in 22.5 chunks.

This is the value the Meteoplug dashboard gets returned from the meteoplug server: value=219.0 or value=240.0 or value=238.0
The shortest timeframe/value for "normal" users is [actual_min5_wind0_maindir:--] and nearly always returns 10

Therefor the windneedle on the meteoplug dashboard keeps moving, the one in our own scripts stay steady at SW for a long time.

The data we can download comes from our own uploaded 10 min data and remains the same for 10 minutes.
It only seems to change when there is a new 10 minutes update.

The realtime data as uploaded every 10 seconds is not inserted in the 10 minute uploads and seems to get lost as they do not appear in the actual_min5 values.

Please can someone explain to me what "protocol" is to be used for getting the uploaded livedata using

Thanks in advance,


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